Maghery (pronounced MA-HA-RY) Band have performed and competed at many parades & competitions across Ireland.

Maghery Fife and Drum Band

They compete annually at Fleadh Cheoil na hEireann and Dungloe’s Easter Sunday competition and have in recent years began competing at Limerick’s International Band Championship and Derry, Northern Ireland’s Entertainment contest.

They parade annually at Dungloe’s Mary From Dungloe International Festival, Burtonport Community Festival as well as at The Rose of Tralee Festival where they have performed at the televised show in The Dome and paraded the crowned Rose on 2 occasions in 2014 & 2015.

They have enjoyed performances across Donegal in Letterkenny, Killybegs and notably at the Irish Hotels Federation Ball.

After performing in New York the band will be performing in Bayonne, New Jerseys St. Patricks Day parade, on Tues 19th March will be performing in Universal Studios Florida and  on Thurs 21st will be performing in Disney World Florida. This is their East Coast USA Tour.

Honours Held: 

  • Current 4times consecutive All Ireland Champions at Fleadh Cheoil na hEireann
  • Have held 9 All Ireland Titles across their 23years of competing at the Fleadh.
  • Have held approx a dozen Ulster Fleadh Titles across their 23years of competing at the Fleadh.
  • Have held approx a dozen Donegal Titles across their 23years of competing at the Fleadh.
  • They are the first band in Donegal, Ireland to hold an International Title as best youth band and on 3consecutive years from 2014-2016 at Limerick’s International Band Championship.
  • The band are local to Dungloe, Co. Donegal consecutive 2times Easter Champions.
  • Won numerous Donegal Marching Band and Ulster Marching Band Titles throughput the 90s and Noughties.
  • First Donegal band to compete in Derry’s entertainment contest in 2018 (result unknown at time of application)
  • Their junior band are current Donegal Champions. And hope to venture to the All Ireland in Drogheda in Aug 2019.


Maghery band was originally nicknamed the Red Coats pre 1997 due to their Red Coat attire. The band changed their attire to the cream and green uniforms they are known fondly for wearing this past 22 years and at present do not have a nickname.

They have an ‘Old Band’ for retired competing members and a Junior band (formerly known as their Mini Band) for younger training members. There are 130 members across the three bands spanning 3generations.

The competing band are known for being the ‘Riverdance’ of the Irish Marching Band Community because of their steps which visualise their musical and drumming performance.

Unusual stories about the band:

Maghery Band are notorious for their innovative routines and in order to practise with all members meet as late as 2am in the morning and as early as 6am in order to practise.

There are as many as 5family members from the one household in this their competitive senior band.

Their first outing made by their founding ranks in 1945 were led by a local man dressed as St.Patrick riding a white horse.

Following their first All Ireland win in 1997 the band were to travel to take part in the NYC St.Patricks Day parade but planning fell through due to financial reasons. This has been a dream to take part in for 20 years.

All members are voluntary including their committee and instructors who are playing and performing members themselves.

The band always seem to  experience bad luck leading up to their major All Ireland competition. Something they have come to fondly see as their good luck right if passage. Members have broken limbs, been stung by wasps mid competing, injured their hands and one was even ran over by a tractor (and only experienced some bruising) all whilst continuing to win their highest titles.

We don’t have any famous musicians in or formerly in our band but politician Pat ‘The Cope’ Gallagher who serves as Leas-Cheann Comhairle (Deputy Chairman) chairs the Dáil Éireann was a member of the Maghery Band.

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