2019 Marching Unit Detail Form

This is the name as you would like it to appear in your forms and in the program.
The Bands representative to the New York City Saint Patrick's Day Parade Inc.
Enter the preferred email for your organization, be sure to enter it twice.
If you use Facebook share us your page and we will try to tag you in some pictures.
Do you have a formal website for your group?
Enter the phone number for best contact on parade day
If you are not from the area please indicate the Hotel and contact number for where you will be staying.
Enter the Number of people you will have in your marching unit
This is information we can use to highlight the unit as they walk past the grandstands
Enter the number of years your band has been marching in the NYC St. Patricks Day Parade
List any stories or unusual events and other honors of the unit in other parades.
List of presidents and current officers of this organization and any past members or officers of note.
Upload some pictures and/video of your group
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