Richmond County Aide: Cornelius M. O’Sullivan

Cornelius O’Sullivan

Cornelius O’Sullivan was born in the Bronx and raised on Staten Island. His father, Timothy O’Sullivan, is from Lyreaoune, Co. Cork, Ireland and his mother Katherine (Murphy) parents were from Kiskeam and
Knocknashinagh, Co. Cork. Cornelius attended Blessed Sacrament Grammar School, Moore Catholic High School, and St. John’s University.

Cornelius was a N.Y.C. Transit Police Officer and retired as a Sergeant after 25 years of service. He was a member of the Transit Emerald Society and served on their Board for over ten years.

Cornelius is a member of the N.Y.P.D.’s Emerald Society, a member of the Honor Legion of the Police Department of New York City and the Honor Legion of New Jersey. Following in his father’s footsteps, Cornelius joined the same A.O.H. Division, Division 1 Richmond County, after graduating from high school. Cornelius O’Sullivan has served as Division 1’s Financial Secretary for the past two years, and is a member of the A.O.H. Richmond County Board. He has been a Marshal of the Staten Island Saint Patrick’s Day Parade for many years and assists various organizations with their fundraising.

On March 16, Cornelius O’Sullivan will follow in his father’s footsteps when he marches in the 258 th N.Y.C. St. Patrick’s Day Parade, as his father did as the Aide from Richmond County in 1983.

Cornelius O’Sullivan is married to Cathy, and they reside in Manor Heights, Staten Island and attend Saint Teresa’s Church in the Castleton Corners neighborhood of Staten Island.

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