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The following is a short gallery of Dominic Totino’s photographs from the New York City Saint Patrick’s Day Parade Inc.® announcement of of James T. Callahan as the 2020 Grand Marshal. The event was held at City Hall for the first time this century, some would say for the first time in two centuries, but that is another story for another day.

Bagpipers Joe Brady and Sean Dalgauer of the 69th Regiment led Mr. Callahan into the camber. The American and Irish national anthems were sung by Andy Cooney.

Callahan, who is General President of the International Union of Operating Engineers, was presented with the honor and his sash in City Hall Chambers, with parade chairman Hilary Beirne, Irish Consul General in New York Ciaran Madden, and Council Member Daniel Dromm and City Council Speaker Corey Johnson presenting the honors. Several other city councilmen and other dignitaries were also able to speak on behalf of the 2020 Grand Marshal.