1. All units must have two (2) flags. Irish & American flags or no flags at all. NO EXCEPTIONS! An American flag on the right and an Irish flag on the left.

2. A minimum of eight (8) abreast. Ten (10) if room is available. A unit with 250+ members MUST march 10 abreast.

3. Two (2) marshals of each marching unit should bring up the rear.

4. The only banners allowed are ones identifying the unit or “England Get Out of Ireland”. Only one banner for each

5. Green hats, sneakers, or other “odd ball dress” is not permitted.

6. No animals or mascots.

7. No eating, drinking or smoking in the Line of March.

8. No displays of any kind will be permitted.

9. Units should make sure they are in proper formation before approaching Fifth Avenue.

10. After units get on Fifth Avenue, no stragglers should be allowed to join the unit. Unit marshals should be on the alert for this at each intersection. Please be vigilant.

11. Leaders of organizations shall not delay the Parade by leaving their places for any purpose.

12. Shirts with advertising are NOT an appropriate form of dress. No children’s pull or push wagons are permitted.

13. Please remember, you are on Fifth Ave. for one hour once a year and you should march with pride in your heritage and dress accordingly. BUSINESS DRESS CODE IS REQUIRED.