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Dr. Delamere and daughter Deirdre

Dr. Patrick J Delamere has been marching since as long as he can remember. His earliest memory was in 1945, when he was just 4 years old and his parents walked him through Columbus Circle to the parade. He recalls seeing several heavy artillery guns around the statue and the feeling he was safe and protected. Today his many grandchildren come to the parade each and every year, just has his parents came before him. For the Delamere family, the parade is multi-generational. For the record, that is over 70 years of participating in the parade.

Dr. Delamere, a chiropractor, a retired Colonel with the New York State Guard, husband of Kathleen for 55 years, father of five children, which has resulted in 17 grandchildren. Except for the one year they had to be in Ireland, they have ALL made it to every parade. We know they were missed that year and no one got their program books. He has resided in Mahopac, NY for 51 years.

He grew up in Manhattan and at an early age learned to be industrious; delivering groceries while developing his work ethic.

Dr. Delamere graduated from All Hallows Institute and New York Chiropractic College, earning the degree of Doctor of Chiropractic. He is practicing for 58 years, while caring for tens of thousands of people. Dr. Delamere has seen first hand miracles that can only be explained by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Dr. and Mrs. Delamere got married in 1964 and decided to give their hearts to the Lord during the Catholic charismatic renewal at St John The Evangelist parish in Mahopac

Favorite Memory of the Parade

Patrick was a freshman in All Hallows Institute in1954. Freshmen were not allowed to take the day away from school in those days and only the seniors could march. Patrick pleaded and finally they said the lads can march with the seniors, but only if they promised they would march the whole distance. The principal had a friend who was a drill sergeant work with the freshmen on their formations. That year they got best in formations for a high school.

Another year Dr. Delamere had a friend who was a missionary from Tanganyika, Bishop Eugene Arthur. Somehow they managed to stumble upon parade announcer Jack McCarthy who gave them an interview and put them on TV that year, which was very exciting for the Bishop. Patrick showed his spirit then by how everyone is a little bit Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day.


Dr. Delamere and Kathleen

Because he has a passion for men to know the Lord, Dr. Delamere seeks out leadership roles in the churches he attends, in his community, and in his profession. The Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship International in Putnam and the Putnam County Leadership Prayer Breakfast are just two notable examples.

Dr. Delamere credits all of his success to his relationship with Jesus, above all, as well as his praying mother, his interceding father and his loving wife Kathleen.

Because of his chiropractic skills, the medical unit of the New York State Guard offered Dr. Delamere a commission. As a result, he became the Director of the chiropractic unit, in addition to becoming the Commander of the 244th medical unit based in Camp Smith.

Dr. Delamere and some of his grandchildren